By Jason Aaron & Ed McGuinness

Nightcrawler is back in this all new X-title to grace the stands. This first arc focuses on the efforts of the X-Men to bring Nightcrawler back from the dead, as Nightcrawler battles with his father, Azazel, across the heavenly and hellish planes of existence.

Jason Aaron does a great job of establishing this book next to the other X-Men books in the Marvel lineup. His work with Nightcrawler is a little more lighthearted, even though the beloved character is dead, and the mystery surrounding the portal found at the Jean Grey School is played out well within the script. Aaron has a hand at crafting the voices of each individual character, and the cast is fresh and exciting, even with these characters appearing in multiple books with multiple authors. The lighter tone and air of mystery lends to the makings of a good book. Aaron doesn’t downplay Nightcrawler’s death with gimmicks which is a fresh take on deaths in the comic book world. With the x-men entering the fray in Heaven it will be interesting to see where Aaron takes the group in this first arc.

Ed McGuinness’ artwork compliments the story extremely well in this first issue. Incredibly exaggerated and detailed, the panels have a life to them that really flies off the page. McGuinness has a fluidity with the battle scenes that still allows for the amount of detail he puts into the interactions between the characters. With each BAMF and cloud of sulphuric smoke, the acrobatics of Nightcrawler battling soul pirates flows from page to page.

This was a strong opening book and we can only sit back and wait to see what adventures Aaron has in store for the X-Men further down the line.


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