By Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Ben Stenbeck, & Dave Stewart

The Infernal Train has been a terrific installment in the saga of Lord Henry Baltimore. Mike Mignola and his stock of incredibly talented co-writers and artists are masters of one-shot storytelling, which has been the preferred method of delivery for the Baltimore series. While only three issues in length, the Infernal Train story has been full of action and further development of Baltimore’s quest to rid the world of the vampire plague.

The final issue of The Infernal Train was easily one of the most exciting, action-packed issues of the series. Mignola and Christopher Golden really pushed the overall story of the Baltimore title forward amidst a backdrop of nearly constant action. The monsters, the fights, and the final victory were all magnificent and made the issue feel gigantic. While the end of this particular conflict was quite satisfying, the further details about Haigus and the Red King that were revealed made this issue even more gripping; especially when considering Baltimore will finally be facing Haigus in the next mini-series! There were also some really intriguing hints regarding what Lord Baltimore himself may be becoming which, in typical Mignola style, were accompanied by some terrifically appropriate literary quotations that made these scenes particularly epic.

The artwork provided by Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart was as consistent as usual, but they really captured the grand scope of the action sequences with perfect precision. As typical for Baltimore, the sombre, grim tone of the overall story is conveyed quite well by the suitably sombre color palette. However, when appropriate, the colors really bring each panel to life with incredibly vibrant tones. The flashback sequences involving Haigus were particularly effective and gruesome, and the overall style was strikingly similar to Mignola’s art itself. The shocking and unexpected turn of events at the end of the issue provided some of the most extreme scenarios seen in the series for quite some time and further hinted at some interesting potential new directions.

The Infernal Train #3 was an excellent ending to a top-notch installment in the Baltimore series. The story was wrapped up in a thoroughly satisfying manner, while still providing new developments and mysteries to pull the reader in for the next arc. Mignola and company never disappoint, but this issue was better than expected. Aside from being one of the most exciting installments in Baltimore’s story, fans of the series won’t want to miss the hefty developments solidified in this issue.

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