by Joe Casey & David Messina

It seems like Jasper Jenkins can never catch a break. The latest issue of The Bounce brought a lot of characters back in one way or another and revealed not only a little bit more of the alternate world filled with supers but also shows a bit more of the antagonist, Mr. Darling’s past.

This issue is much like the previous where we get small glimpses of all the different players in this story. Joe Casey has this unique way of telling a story that mostly concentrates on the characters themselves while slowly peeling back layers of plot. Jasper is still trying to figure out what this other world is he keeps slipping into, why his long thought dead  friend Zander is stuck there and how come all of these supers (including himself) are randomly appearing in our present modern world. Things are getting intense and to top it off the devious Mr. Darling is starting to make his move but still not sure exactly what it is he’s after.

Both Casey and Messina have done a great job with this series by keeping things interesting without giving too much away. As a single issue The Bounce can sometimes feel confusing but as a regular reader each issue just builds on to the previous which ends up making for a richer read. The art for this series has stayed consistent, not in a bad way but in that way that keeps each issue familiar and smoothly tells what might be considered a confusing story.

Trying to describe each issue of The Bounce with words always seems frivolous, this is a series to experience and decide on your own whether you enjoy it or not.  The art looks good, the characters are well rounded and interesting and Casey gives you just enough plot to string you along without revealing his full hand. If you are already reading The Bounce then this issue is everything you’ve come to expect from this series but this may be too confusing for any new reader to blindly jump into.


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