By Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jen Van Meter, Patrick Olliffe, Drew Geraci, & Andy Troy.

In the aftermath of the last issue of Captain Marvel we were all left wondering what would become of Carol after she sacrificed her memories to save the world. The biggest question was what direction would Kelly Sue DeConnick move with this “blank slate” that had been created in Carol Danver’s brain. With this series’ first official tie-in to the events of Infinity, we start to see a little bit of that new direction. 

This tie shows Carol’s role in the Battle of the Corridor that was featured in Avengers #18. DeConnick does a great job in featuring the singular view of how the battle goes from Carol’s perspective, and gives the reader insight as to what happened near the end of the battle. A major plot point of this book was Carol’s lack of attachment to her teammates. Since she is missing all of her memories, this is an understandable turn of events. DeConnick works hard to show that Carol doesn’t actually feel for these people like she once did, but it feels bland, and detached. DeConnick is showing some great potential as to where the character can go, but this book was a little bit lacking in what we’ve seen from DeConnick in the past.

On the art side of things, the book definitely looks good. Patrick Olliffe and Andy Troy do a great job of capturing the drama of the battle to the page. But once again, Captain Marvel adds another team of artists to its already long list. While the pages look great, with subdued shading that emphasizes the space battle, and colors that pop off the page in the form of laser blasts, there is still the need for a more continuous artistic team to give the series a sense of continuity.

With this book being a tie-in to the Infinity event going on it could dampen some of the possibilities that DeConnick had to explore the character. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the new Carol Danvers once the book returns from Infinity. 

Captain Marvel

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