By Benjamin Bailey, Joey Esposito, Boy Akkerman, Ed Ryzowski, Adam Pruett.

Captain Ultimate has returned to the world to save the day! But he hasn’t come back alone, he’s been followed by his arch-nemesis Dr. Destruction, and it’s time for them to have it out. This retelling of Golden Age superhero stories continues with full force in the latest issue from Monkeybrain Comics.

As a book, Captain Ultimate is light-hearted and fun to read. In a comic book world filled with plot lines of darkness and depravity this is a nice break that you can sit back and relax with. As a character, Captain Ultimate embodies all the things that a superhero is meant to be. He does the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Joey Esposito and Benjamin Bailey really do take him to the next level by showing him clean up the destruction he cause at a zoo, something that is rarely seen after large battles between hero and villain.

The action is quick paced, and is purely fun to read. While some of the plot points were a little predictable, there wasn’t much that derailed the book from the story it was telling. This book is cartoonish in both story and art. This book has a distinct animation style, with bright colors that pop off the page and cartoonish characters that emphasize the light hearted feel that pervades the book. It’s a simple style of art that fits incredibly well with the book. The best part of the art is the contrast between the “modern day” art, the cartoon animation style and the “old-time” look of Captain Ultimate and Dr. Destruction. This distinction between the two time periods of comics meeting really brings out a feeling of nostalgia for the golden age of superheroes.

This series is fun to read and will put a smile on your face. Just sit back, relax and enjoy good people doing good things.


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