by Ben Bailey, Joey Esposito, Boykoesh

It is amazing how many times the word “fun” will come to mind when reading through issues of Captain Ultimate. The series is a real blast to read, and the Halloween edition this month is no exception to that sentiment. Milo is pairing up with Captain Ultimate for a night of trick ‘r treating, but things look to go south when a group of greedy rock stars come to visit. Ben Bailey and Joey Esposito have another solid issue this month and it features Boykoesh’s best art on the series so far.

Milo and Ult-dog make for a great pair, but the two are in desperate need of some supervision before they head into the night. Enter Captain Ultimate, whose costume is so obviously a nod, readers will undoubtedly grin at the reference. It’s then off to find some sweets in a full-page time-lapse panel that depicts the events of the night. It is a great moment that maximizes the space in the issue, detailing all the hijinks of the night without spending countless panels on the repetitious cycle of trick ‘r treating. This page is great to stare at, not only following the events but searching for some fun Easter eggs left by Boykoesh, including a nod to another Monkeybrain Comics title.

The story feels more and more like a classic Saturday morning cartoon as the villains of the issue show up and bully their way through the town, swiping all of the bags of candy. Bailey and Esposito’s intent to provide as much fun for the audience as they have with creating the title is never more apparent than in how the conflict is solved. They also include a great moment for Milo, making him a noble character for younger readers to strive to emulate.

All in all this is an issue that brings a great spirit to the holiday. The series provides some pure entertainment that finds ways to entertain readers of varying ages, slipping in references but never weighing itself down in trying to appeal too much to any one audience. With the paired art by Boykoesh that is ripe with vibrancy and movement, Captain Ultimate #4 is worth checking out.


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