By Caitlin Kittredge and Inaki Miranda.

Coffin Hill continues in the latest installment as Eve returns to her ancestral home. This issue explores the relationship between the present day and what happened in Eve’s past. We start to learn more about what happened the night that Eve killed her best friends, and see the ramifications of her releasing an ancient evil power on the unsuspecting inhabitants of Coffin Hill.

Caitlin Kittredge is definitely streamlining Eve’s story in this issue. There isn’t as much back and forth between the past and present, and we start to see more of Eve’s development as the protagonist of the story. Eve throws herself into the investigation of two missing teenagers in order to right the wrongs she has made in the past, and Kittredge does a good job in handling the balance with Eve’s frustrations and her need to make things right. The good thing about the bouncing between the past and present is that Kittredge is creating the context for the main action to take place in. With more and more of the back story coming out the gravity and darkness of the modern day story becomes more stark.

As a character, Eve is becoming easier to like and support. Kittredge has done a wonderful job in making Eve a relatable character. While the situation is fantastical, the mindset that Eve faces is one that many people have dealt with. Eve has a voice that permeates the story, but Kittredge has done a wonderful job to ensure that the story isn’t heavy or labored with Eve’s inner dialogue.

Once again, the art of this book is great. Inaki Miranda has created a macabre landscape that sinks into the pages and emphasizes the tone of the story. The dark and subdued colors really do give the book a noir feeling, and bringing forward the suspense and mystery behind the actions of the story. The colors also make great contrast to the bloodier and more magical panels that Miranda gives the reader. Miranda has done a fantastic job of creating a dark, detailed world that is really beautiful to look at.

This book has already done some great work and it’s only on its second issue. The story is going to get darker, and more suspenseful as Eve delves deeper into her past. Kittredge is going to take us for a twisted ride, I can feel it.


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