By Simon Oliver & Robbi Rodriguez

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics takes a bit of a turn for issue #6. The first five issues, and presumably the first arc, were crazy with its bubble universe problems, explosions, death, lots of feels. While issue #6 seems to pump the brakes a bit and slow things down as we’re introduced to Adam’s new partner and get some hints at the new status quo of Physics as it moves into the private sector.

There are still lots to take away from this issue and definitely some great hints of what might be coming in the next few issues. Simon Oliver seems to have a firm grasp on his characters and where he wants to take them, as well as the subject matter at hand. Really, the writing side of this issue, and series as a whole, has been stellar and definitely stands out from some of the other titles out there.  With that said, it still feels like a relatively slow issue and with the exception of some hints at Reyes’ past, we really aren’t too much further along than we were at the end of issue five.

For the first part of this series, Robbi Rodriguez has excelled and done a great job setting the tone and really putting his stamp on the characters and the crazy world of physics going haywire. This issue, however, seemed to have some spots that felt rushed and weren’t up to some of his previous work on the series. Faces, disappearing lines, and other little things here and there throughout the book stood out just enough to make you take a second look.

Overall, both writing and art were still good. This is still a series that should be checked out from DC’s surging Vertigo line and, slip ups and slower story aside, pick it up. After we get past this introduction to Agent Reyes, and if the first arc was any indication, expect Oliver and Rodriguez to ramp up the craziness.


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