By Matt Fraction and Michael Allred

This issue is a little sad. The story isn’t particularly depressing, but it’s the fact that Matt Fraction is leaving that makes things so melancholy. FF has been a shining spot in comics every single month and with Fraction’s departure coming quickly, one has to wonder how the quality will be once he leaves. His script is being used until issue 16, so at least there’s that, but we all know that it just won’t be the same.

Like the issues prior, every part of issue 11 is a blast. It’s the little things that make FF so beautiful. From the corny jokes to the use of the term “cray-cray,” Fraction takes little things that should be lame and spins them into a Silver Age tale that will have you talking about it with everybody. You will have a compulsive need to spread Fraction’s gospel with the world. We also get one of the raddest time travel scenes in any medium –with classic franchises like Back To The Future, that is no easy task.

Allred can even make mediocre writing incredible by his sheer genius with a pencil. When Impossible Man sucks the FF from the time stream, Allred works on his abstract side and proves that he can do just about any art style. With the help of Laura Allred on colors, it just gets even better. Colorists sometimes don’t get much credit, but her work definitely needs to be acknowledged and credited.

It’s going to be very sad to see Fraction leave, but we’ll see his vision play out to its end. The only problem is that he happens to have a very particular wit about him that is very hard to duplicate. Well, having Allred stick around will help. If any artist can save a book from any sort of writing dilemmas, it’s him.


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