By Robert Venditti and Rags Morales

Green Lantern 23.1 is the origin of the newest Green Lantern baddie, Relic. The issue also serves as a pseudo-prologue to October’s Green Lantern universe crossover Lights Out. Sadly Relic’s origin doesn’t do anything new as far as super-villain beginnings going. Instead we get another story about a big bad who has laid dormant for years and woke up still mad.

Writer Robert Venditti introduces some interesting elements to the Green Lantern mythos but ultimately takes them nowhere. The concept of the Lightsmiths and how they harnessed and used their powers was interesting but when the book’s focus shifts halfway through to explain how Relic came into the picture it falls apart.

Rags Morales’s art is another issue with the book. His designs for the Lightsmiths and their world are all fine but the problem comes with the page layouts. Each page is either a full page spread or a splash page and with that layout style comes problems. Perhaps the plan was each page being one big shot would show the vastness of space but with everything going on plus Venditti’s narration each page comes off as cluttered.

If Green Lantern mythos is the name of your game then there is something in this book for you. If the only reason for purchasing it is because it leads into the Lights Out crossover than you need not worry. Green Lantern 23.1 is an average origin of what hopefully won’t become an average villain.

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