by Bryce Carlson & Vanesa R. Del Rey

With issue four of HIT we reach the end of this immaculately depicted 50’s cop drama and unlike most finales, this didn’t really feel like a complete ending. Even though this story finishes, there is plenty more crime and corruption in 50’s L.A. leaving Detective Slater with plenty of work to do. This series did a great job of delivering a fun story with enough mystery and intrigue to keep you reading till the end.

HIT has been one entertaining mystery that any fan of a true detective story would enjoy. Carlson has made each individual issue of HIT strong by balancing mysteries and reveals while still keeping everything well paced. Issue four is no exception to that, even though this main story wraps up all the loose ends there is still an interesting reveal flashback of Slater’s childhood that really puts the detective’s personality into perspective. That’s how you do a mini-series, come in and make a quick impact and finish just as strong.

Del Rey’s art has been a consistent stand out for this series. Her unique style really captured that 50’s vibe but there is something so distinctive about her style that makes her art stands out from others.  With a real world story like HIT, it’s hard to make attractive art to keep a reader’s attention while also heighten the overall story. This whole series has looked wonderful and the art did an exceptional job of standing out without stealing from the story.

Being only four issues long, HIT did a great job of quickly coming in and delivering a bare-bones cop drama. Every issue flowed well and had plenty of twists that when read together makes for an outstanding read. It’s nice to get both a cop drama and a detective mystery that doesn’t need any bells or whistles to garner interest but just tells a really good story. Not to spoil anything but even if this is a great stand alone mini-series, there does seem to be some room to return if the creators choose to.


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