By Victor Gischler, Juan Ferreyra, & Eduardo Ferreyra

Kiss Me, Satan! has been a fantastic horror mini-series so far. The story is intriguing and mysterious, each issue is packed full of action and even some humor, and the artwork is astonishing. Issue #3 tones the action back slightly compared to previous installments, but not by much. This is accompanied by some great plot development.

Picking up after issue #2, the latest installment of KMS picks up amidst the graveyard battle with the trinket wizard. The action is well-paced and even quite interesting, while the overlaying internal dialogue of Zell makes the whole sequence feel even more epic. Dealing with the nasty consequences of this particular conflict, the protagonists end up at a secluded cabin in the woods where they really get down to business. The whole mystery surrounding the Eye of Fate gets even more strange and intriguing as we learn more about the background of this bizarre item. Zell’s internal dialogue really makes this issue feel quite deep compared to earlier books in the series. Once the Eye is passed to her we also finally see what Barnabus actually is. The execution of this reveal was delivered with perfection, as Victor Gischler masterfully gives fragments of revelation throughout KMS that remain obscured as a whole until future installments. Finally, the introduction of a new foe looks like it may really turn the heat up for Barnabus and the witches as the series continues.

Juan Ferreyra’s artwork in Kiss Me, Satan! has been truly amazing, while issue #3 has some of the best visuals yet. The illustrations are incredibly well-detailed, with a subtle dark-grit that really helps to emphasize the overall tone of the book. While the characters have looked great from issue #1, the other details in each panel really shine in this latest installment. This is aided by the equally-amazing colors provided by both Juan and Eduardo Ferreyra. The Eldritch flame swirling amidst the opening battle, the horrifying violence which pervades the story, the released spirit of Verona, carving out the Eye of Fate, everything looks particularly vibrant and epic in KMS #3. Again, the lush realism of even the most fantastic scenes is enhanced not only by Juan Ferreyra’s mind-boggling talent for illustration, but the lighting effects and incredible coloring of both Juan and Eduardo make each panel a true work of art.

Kiss Me, Satan! has been a surprisingly great read from the very beginning. Each issue pushes the plot forward in a meaningful way. Even if this development is accomplished relatively slowly from time to time, the overall story is always expanding and providing something new to pique readers’ curiosity. There are some really interesting additions to the plot which have really set this story apart from others like it. While the writing remains consistent and pleasantly enjoyable, the art alone is worth the price of admission. This is Ferreyra at the top of his game, something you do not want to miss!


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