by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark and Santi Arcas

Three issues deep into Lazarus and you can definitely say that the plot thickens. After using the first two issues to introduce us to the vast world and deep characters, Rucka and Lark are now serving up some delicious cuts of story.

The main story we follow this issue is Forever meeting with the Morray family to form a truce in order to prevent the two families from going to war. Rucka writes a few pretty intense scenes in this issue particularly the negotiations between Forever and the head of the Morray family.  Another tense and well written scene is the introduction of the Morray family lazarus, Juacquim, who has to remind his own soldiers of his authority. In the middle of the book the story flashes to Forever’s conniving brother Jonah and his sister/lover Johanna where we again see Rucka shaping these characters while slowly unveiling their motivation and in this case their devious plans to start a war and take over as head of the Carlyle family.

Lark’s art is consistently just great to look at, he has somehow found a way to be a detailed minimalist. He has this great way of drawing people who just look so realistic and in some ways familiar. The Morray complex has all the details from the architecture of the house to the fountain in the front yard to give you that Mexico feel. Most of this issue takes place at the Carlyle complex so there isn’t a whole lot of background work to take in however that last couple pages do have a beautiful orange and purple desert mountain backgrounds that really stuck out.

This issue leaves you waiting with bated breath for the next. with a pretty decent cliffhanger. Lazarus has really hit every mark since it started and doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. With Lazarus, Rucka and Lark are a combined artistic force working on a series that perfectly complements both of their styles. If you like sci-fi action or even strong female leads or if you just like a fantastic story with well-rounded characters then pick this up.


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