By: Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, Dan McDaid, Arif Prianto & Lee Loughridge

Mind the Gap has been one of those series whose story has a slow burn when revealing information regarding people’s intentions and the overall plot. Sometimes this can be frustrating for fans that read monthly and can even feel confusing at times. However that will lead to rereading previous issues that actually is refreshing because you miss so many things the first time through and on a second read you pick up more of the narrative.

This is the second to last issue of “Act I” of this series and things are still complicated. There is a lot revealed about Erik “The Fifth” Peterssen, from his past to his relationship with his family to more of his motive. We are still in this limbo of wondering who will kill Elle in her coma and for what reason. Even though we do know a lot about Erik and his plan it’s still kind of cloudy on why this project is so important to him and why he must use his family as guinea pigs for it. This feels like the final build of the beginning arc and then the “Act II” that has been advertised as “coming in December” will get to the real meaty part of the story we’ve been waiting for.

Rodin Esquejo is a very talented artist; his work on Mind The Gap looks so real and detailed. It almost feels like these characters are real people or even actors and you are watching a TV show. The beautiful contrast is the rough and dark style of Dan McDaid who does the art for Erik’s past. McDaid’s style helps give you the flashback notion and seems like the opposite of Esquejo’s art. The choice to use two different artists and colorists to tell basically two different stories is a smart move that just adds more to this deep series.

Overall this issue did its job adding more fuel  to the fire because this slow burn does feel like it is really heating up. Next month’s issue fifteen will be the final issue of “Act I” for Mind The Gap so that would be a good time to catch up on the series before “Act II” begins this December. If you haven’t read this series or dropped out a couple issues in, then now would be the time to check out the entire arc of “Act I” and if you still aren’t interested then this just may not be your cup of tea.


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