By Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato

Tie-ins are not always the best of comics. Any time DC or Marvel have a massive crossover, they always flood the market with related issues in order to boost sales. However, most of them are not only fairly worthless, but also tend to be written poorly. It’s with great honor that we announce that Avengers and New Avengers have not fallen into the trap of awful tie-ins.

This particular issue focuses on Thanos and the Black Order, as they attempt to attack Earth and retrieve the last remaining Infinity Gem. Every member of The Illuminati sees a part of the action, as does the little plot threads that Hickman has laid out in past issues. With Hickman’s signature space opera-like dialogue, The Black Order and The Illuminati’s conversations are quite the rush to read.

The stars of the issue are easily Black Panther and Namor, which is only fitting –they have been the best part of this series thus far. The tension between Atlantis and Wakanda continues and Hickman seamlessly brings it into the Infinity drama. Not once does it feel forced –Hickman clearly has had a plan from the beginning and anybody who has been following Avengers and New Avengers since his start on the titles are reaping huge rewards.

Mike Deodato brings some incredible visuals to the table. His work tends to have a touch of dark urgency, which makes the story even better. Doom and gloom characters like Thanos benefit from this style and tone –he definitely represents the scariest parts of the vast universe and Deodato plays this out wonderfully.

Anybody reading Infinity and not Avengers/New Avengers really should. It’s a pain that Marvel is trying to make people buy all three, but to their credit, it is really worth it. New Avengers is one of the best of Marvel Now! and now that Infinity is in full swing, it’s only improving.

New Avengers

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