by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios & Jordie Bellaire

With the third issue of Pretty Deadly we things are starting to fall into place. After Fox tells a story that may not just reveal more about his past but what may have started this whole dilemma everyone seems to be involved with. This is the issue that really brings the reader into the story and feels like it settles the majority of the characters into their roles.

DeConnick does a great job of touching on each character this issue while using that as an opportunity to reveal more of the tie that binds all of them into this twisted story.  The main focal point of the story this issue is Fox’s tale which is not only a sequel to the original tale they told in issue one but also shows how they may all be involved with Death and his daughter, Ginny. Speaking of Ginny her interaction with Sarah after defeating Big Alice was a highlight of this issue. Seeing Ginny interact with another person and still being able to show a small glimpse of personality behind her cold demeanor. There is still the question of just what Johnny Coyote has involved with this whole situation. After being shot by Big Alice and spending a sex filled night recuperating in a hotel, Coyote is awoken by a talking crow which eludes to Johnny being more mixed up in this than originally thought.

Pretty Deadly still is one of the best looking books on the shelves right now. Rios’ art complements this story so well that it really captures every familiar element we associate with the wild west which makes this tale seems all the more realistic. Master colorist, Jordie Bellaire, does exactly what she does best and uses her palette to really makes every page pop and seem so robust with color while still keeping things tame and managing to keep that dusty western feel. The art alone makes this series so easy to want to reread, just to sit and stare at all the subtleties you may have missed the first time.

This is the issue that really brings all of the elements introduced in the previous ones together and shapes this story out while revealing most of the characters roles. At this point there does seem like a pattern that Pretty Deadly gets better with each issue. As the story continues on, the creators divulge more and slowly lure us readers deeper into this dark and stunning series.


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