by Zach Smith, Kevin Church, Brandon Snider, Brad McGinty, Brooke Allen, Whitney Cogar & JJ Harrison

In issue three of Regular Show,  we are introduced to a different format compared to the last two issues. Whereas issues one and two were a two issue long arc, issue three is actually 3 shorter, self-contained stories in a single issue.  This format of collecting assorted short stories actually suits Regular Show well since the episodes are usually comprised of 2 separate short stories.

The first story, “Sombrero World,” was hilarious. Putting Mordecai and Rigby off the park and on the road trying to avoid an awesome roadside attraction. There is a page in this story that is just a huge map of Sombrero World and all of it numerous billboards that advertised particular spots of Sombrero World such as: “Gasoline Puddles,” “Fire Hydrant of Mystery,” “Free Cat Smiles” and my personal favorite “Donkey Wallets.” The dialogue is very spot on in this story, especially the yelling from angry boss, Benson.

Next we have the story,” Arm Skills,” about our main duo training to win a two-man arm wrestling competition so they can buy a slot car race track. The art in this story had a nice sketch feeling to it and felt the closest to the thick-lined design of the television show. There is a great assortment of other crazy arm wrestling duos that were just fun to look at. This story’s plot felt the closest to an episode of the show with all the right beats that helped it flow without feeling too short.

Finally we have “Hot Tub,” which had the most unique art of the three stories. The art has an almost painted look which really stood out the most in this issue. The story had some funny dialogue but felt a little stale at times compared to the first two stories. It might have been better to put this story first.

Each story has a different art style that stands out from each other, yet each somehow still does a great job of really capturing the feel of the show. Fans of Regular Show on television should be picking this up and checking it for themselves. There is plenty of great art and quirky stories in here to get your Regular Show fix.

Regular Show

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