by Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, & Mark Englert

When reading Revival it’s really hard to try to pigeonhole this book into any sort of genre. Some people refer to it as a horror book because there are some pretty bloody parts and plenty of shocks all around. Others call it a supernatural book which also makes sense with the unnatural ghost-like creatures roaming around the woods and the looming mystery of what caused Revival Day. It really is a bit of both as this series has been an absorbing character study wrapped with both horror and supernatural themes, which is the reason this book shined in an already zombie saturated medium.

Tim Seeley has been no stranger to horror themed books, but Revival is the first that feels like it could reach to all audiences and not just fans of blood and gore. The basic concept is that one day all the dead people were alive again and no matter how they were harmed they won’t die. Limbs and teeth regenerate, wounds quickly heal, the natural elements don’t phase them and even though it seems they are the people they once were, they all have the cold look of a zombie in their eyes. After so much mystery and many issues of character development, issue fourteen starts to connect the dots left from previous issues. Although there has been so many great things to enjoy in the previous issues of Revival, this one really felt like things are starting to turn, it’s just not certain if it’s for the good or the bad.

The art by Mike Norton has been so perfect for the story that at times you don’t even notice it, it just blends in so flawlessly. In such a character-rich style of book, Norton hits all the beats and waits for the perfect moment to slap you with a surprising panel that catches you off guard like one particular full page splash (literally) this issue. Mark Englert does a great job on colors, when people dump on digital colors they need to look at books like this because all the colors are realistic and grounded but still feel very rich and energetic. There are many subtleties like the slightly pale skin tone on the revivers that just add so much to the story without saying anything.

Revival has really had a lot of ups and downs when reading in a monthly format but it’s issues like this one that remind you why you enjoy this series and why you like these characters. There is always the looming mystery of what caused Revival Day and how the eventual outcome will be for all involved in the story. Also hope to see more Doomtree cameos in the future, those are my favorites.


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