By Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare

Rocket Girl spawned from a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now being published by Image Comics. The basic premise is 15 year old New York Teen Police Detective, Dayoung Johansson must travel back in time from 2013 into the past to 1986 to prevent crimes committed by a corporation called Quintum Mechanics.

This first issue basically introduces us to Dayoung and sets up her reason for traveling back in time. It also shows off that even though she comes from the year 2013, which we are presently in, it is far more futuristic and technologically advanced than the 2013 we are used to today. The simple fact that New York has a Teen Police Force is pretty interesting and fun to read. Having a cigar smoking teen commissioner with a barely grown in mustache and a protective guard robot was quite a nice touch. So far the story is kept pretty simple in the way of plot since most of this issue introduces most of the main players and really shows off this alternate 2013, which I assume we will learn more about in subsequent issues.

The art in this book is nothing less than stunning; so many bright colors and great character designs. Dayoung’s police rocket outfit looks sleek and practical, and looks futurisic enough but not so far-fetched that it would seem goofy. Aside from the colors, which really make this book pop, is Reeder’s design of the  alternate 2013 New York City. There are the usual items you expect to see in a technologically advanced society like flying cars, tall and sleek skyscrapers, floating billboards and roadsigns, and of course working robots. Even all the scenes that take place in 1986 are vibrant and really just add to the striking look of this book. For older comic fans there are even a few comics from the 80’s that have a small cameo including Mage, StarStruck and The Dark Knight Returns.

This was a great first issue because it read smoothly, flowed well, and gave us enough plot and set-up to get into the story without overloading the reader with information. The story is fun and engaging and the art is gorgeous and just plain fun to look at. After one issue there are so many places this story can go and it will be fun to see how Rocket Girl evolves over time. I would suggest most people check out Rocket Girl; it’s too early to judge this series but it’s off to a great start so far.


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