by Joe Casey, Piotr Kowalski & Brad Simpson

The seventh issue of Sex has by far the most amount of sex in it yet and with a name like Sex it should be noted that this series is not for kids, at all, but for adults and its been a pretty interesting read so far. This issue showed a little bit from all of our established main players of the story so far, while main character and Bruce Wayne analog, Simon Cooke, takes more of a backseat this time. There are a lot of pieces in play on this chessboard that look like they are getting ready to make a big move.

There are plenty of series that have a hard time doing a build up issue and being able to also make it engaging. This recent issue of Sex is definitely the way to do that. The first 6 issues of Sex, Joe Casey has been all over the place showing off a variety of different characters in Saturn City and how they are all related in some way.  Although that can be sometimes puzzling on a monthly schedule, issues like this one really start to piece things together.

This series would not work as well if not for the art by Piotr Kowalski. His style paired with these bright yet subdued colors from Brad Simpson somehow embody that feel you got reading comics in the 80’s. Saying something is in anyway 80s usually has a negative connotation to it but in the case of Sex it is in a positive way. One thing that has been slightly confusing though is in the word bubbles random words are highlighted in a variety of colors. It looks like it is just to help emphasize certain words since when they bold this particular font it doesn’t stand out as much.

It really feels like Sex has hit its stride and is only going to get better. There is this looming question of whether Simon will give in and done the costume of his retired alter ego, The Armored Saint, and only time will tell where this story will take Simon Cooke.


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