Superior Carnage #4


By Kevin Shinick and Stephen Segovia

#4 picks up right where the previous issue left off, the Frightful Four decide to take over city hall. Once they reach Mayor Jameson’s office a surprise awaits them in the form of Superior Spider-man (Otto Octavius). Superior Carnage and Superior Spider-man finally face each other in battle!

The story in this book is told from Otto’s point of view, which was a welcome surprise. Writer Kevin Shinick’s take on the new web-slinger, feels spot-on. Superior Spider-man, having a large ego, believes he has the battle won before it even began. It’s not until he actually confronts the new form of Carnage that he realizes his calculations were grossly off. By using this perspective, Kevin is able to convey once again how dangerous and unpredictable the Carnage symbiote is, even with a different host. Seeing the violent symbiote decapitate two of Spidey’s henchmen was graphic, but true to form. It’s enthralling to see these new incarnations interact for the first time.  Shinick continually shows his understanding of how iconic Carnage is and the battle in this issue is a convincing example.  What ups the ante even more is the cliffhanger the issue ends on! Kevin knows how to please Carnage and Spider-man fans alike.

There wasn’t necessarily anything  in the panels or art that stood out in this issue. That’s not say that the work was bad; Stephen Segovia is just continuing the form and style he has established in this mini-series. He conveys  well the importance of this encounter between the two Marvel icons with two double full-page shots and several half-page panels. Segovia knows how to let the impact of an action or event sink in with the reader and render the full effect. His character design for Superior Spider-man was top-notch. It definitely is one of the best interpretations to date.

This series continues to stay strong and by incorporating Superior Spider-man it is solidified. If you like symbiote storylines or just Spider-man in general, do yourself a favor and give Superior Carnage a shot.