By Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman

Despite feeling gimmicky, having Spider-Man 2099 in Superior has been a treat. Slott has done a great job of bringing him into the present without it feeling too ridiculous. While Spidey 2099 has easily transitioned into Superior’s story, he has brought further chaos and interesting story angles with him.

With so many plots being thrown around, Slott does a much better job of handling them in issue 18. With Spider-Man 2099 and his drama being the primary focus, this has allowed for a smoother and far more interesting read. Another bright spot of this issue is the continued destruction of Peter Parker’s personal life. The more this happens, the better it will be when Petey finally returns; he’ll have a lot on his plate, to say the least.

It certainly helps that less time is devoted to the whole Goblin fiasco. Having a dull Goblin story that no one is all that interested in is quite an achievement. None of these characters are written compellingly and the entire angle is a lame mess. The less we see of that plot thread, the better.

Ryan Stegman is definitely a master in his craft. I can’t get over how incredible Spidey 2099 looks. Wow, what a badass. Edgar Delgado also deserves mention because his colour work makes Stegman’s pencils really pop. If Stegman drew Spider-Man forever, I would be completely fine with that.

This issue is even more of a marked improvement than issue 17 was. The solicits for future issues are looking pretty great too. Superior Spider-Man is really cranking things up. If the quality of the writing can stay more consistent on this level, we are in for one heck of a ride.


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