By Scott Lobdell and Robson Rocha

Reeling from their  recent bout through the streets of New York with Trigon the Teen Titans take a step back this week to collect themselves. Teen Titans has been a series that has been go-go-go since it launched back in September of 2011. It’s nice to get a bit of a respite from all the long story lines and tie-ins, even if it is just for a short while before the series ties in to Forever Evil.

The story is the first step of Lobdell revealing Kid Flash’s origin story. There are only a few hints given about his origin and who is looking for him before the book smartly slows down and lets all the team members, as well as the readers, catch their breath. Some of the character moments fall short, the conversation between Wonder Girl and Superboy was nearly cringe-inducing, while others are merely O.K.

Robson Rocha does a good job filling in for Eddy Barrows. There isn’t much action in this issue but the small moments are just as interesting as most of the team paired off in two to discuss recent events. The only problem wasn’t even with the art but with Lobdell continuing his tendency to over write scenes. There were plenty of times where Rocha’s art was more than enough to show what was happening but much of it was covered by Lobdell’s dialogue explaining what was happening.

Teen Titans #23 is a jumping on point for new readers while still having moments like the continuous reveal of Kid Flash’s origin for long time readers to get use out of. Unfortunately an overwritten script and some character moments that fall short of hitting the mark stop this book from being anything special.

Teen Titans

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