By J.W. Rinzler and Mike Mayhew

The Star Wars offers fans of the series a look that many of the hardcore fans of the franchise have wondered. For years stories of George Lucas’s original concept for Star Wars were shrouded in mystery. We got little bits of information like Annikin Starkiller was the main character and Han Solo was meant to be an alien but there weren’t many hints on how the overall story played out. The Star Wars #1 is a successful first step in exploring that story.

The story does everything you would hope it would. It feels like Star Wars and thanks to the scripting by J.W. Rinzler it sounds like Star Wars but things are different. They are altered just enough that this doesn’t feel like Star Wars in a different time period but instead The Star Wars. Rinzler manages to pull readers into every scene by injecting a bit of familiarity that fans of Star Wars have come to expect while simultaneously playing in Lucas’s original sandbox to create new mysteries and intrigue.

The world is realized in a new and interesting way by Mike Mayhew. Things that are familiar to Star Wars fans look new and interesting. Darth Vader looks nothing like he does in the movies yet Mayhew is able to produce the same fear when he first appears in The Star Wars as when Vader walked onto Tantive IV in A New Hope.

The release of The Star Wars is a successful first step in telling an untold story. If you love Star Wars with every fiber of your being than you will find everything you love about Star Wars in these pages in a new and interesting way. Rinzler and Mayhew have created a great first step in this new Star Wars journey and if there’s one thing I know about Star Wars it will likely be a journey worth taking.

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