By Rick Remender, Steve McNiven, John Dell, and Laura Martin.

The climax of the conflict with the Apocalypse twins is here, and this team of Avengers has never been more divided. Rogue is on the hunt to take down Wanda, while Wanda and Wonder Man attempt to raise an army of mutants to take on the Apocalypse twins. This action packed, gut-wrenching issue of Uncanny Avengers has easily been one of the most exciting in this arc.

Remender focuses this issue mainly on the conflict between the team members and uses the Apocalypse twins as a secondary storyline. The mutant rapture merely colors the background of the book as the battles and character interactions take the center stage. Remender has proven that these characters do not work well as a team, and that is 100 percent apparent within this issue. Not only between the two opposing members, Rogue and Wanda, but between other characters as well. This is a team of superheroes that cannot work together, and the fate of the mutant race is weighing on their shoulders as they battle each other. Remender handles this dynamic masterfully in this issue. While this conflict between characters has felt stale and over played in earlier issues, Remender breathes life into the conflict and shows just how deep the conflict runs and what lengths these people are willing to go to in order to solve their problems.

Steve McNiven steps in to take on the art for this issue and does so with some really great work. He adds a lot of detail and emotion to his panels, making the characters really stand out. McNiven does a great job with the background of the book as well, and has a good handle on creating a sense of place. The action of this book is visceral and some of his panels were gut-wrenching. The darker, grittier art offsets the tone of the book, and matches the action incredibly well.

With so much happening in one issue it will be even more exciting to see the fallout in the next issue. Remender seems to be drawing this arc to an end and I’m definitely looking forward to the finale.


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