It is my pleasure to bring you great tidings from the world of Webcomics, especially if you are in the Central Texas region. This weekend Dragon’s Lair Austin is gathering some of the greatest minds in webcomic for you to meet, greet and maybe grab a drink with. We have reached out to Robbie LaBanca, the coordinator of  Webcomic Rampage, to tell us a little bit more about this awesome show.


All-Comic: Robbie WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE has an amazing line up. Who is in charge of putting this awesome show together?

Robbie LaBanca: I am in charge of contacting all the folks and inviting them to attend the show.

AC: How long has Dragon Lair been holding this event? 

RLB: This is our 5th Annual Webcomic Rampage.

AC: How did you get so many great creators to show up?

RLB: We benefit from great word of mouth between the creators. As we have been doing this for 5 years now, as we have different creators they all talk about the event with each other. The webcomic community is very close knit and word spreads fast about a good event that creators can attend. Beyond that, it is as simple as inviting the creators and relying on our previous successful events to convince them to come.

AC: How has the turn out for this show been in the past years?

RLB: We always have an amazing turnout of several hundred people over the course of the weekend. In many ways it is like a mini-convention.

AC: Where can people buy tickets/sign up for this event?

RLB: The event itself is free but there are sign-ups for Q&A panels because they have limited seating. People can sign up for the Q&A session by calling the store (512-454-2399) or coming by in person.

AC: How can fans get more information about Webcomic Rampage?

RLB: More in formation can be found on our website

 AC: Thanks for your time Robbie!

If you would like to know more about Webcomic RAMPAGE feel free to jump over to Dragon’s Lair website or browse their twitter @DLairAustin. The amazing guest list includes:

Ryan North from Dinosaur Comics


David  Malki from Wondermark

Danielle Corsetto from Girls With Slingshots

EK Weaver from The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal


If you were unaware of this event (like I was) there is still hope! Webcomic RAMPAGE will be LIVE STREAMING! That’s right! You can watch from the comfort of your own  home with absolutely no dress code! So mark you calendars and bookmark Webcomic RAMPAGE TV! I for one hope to make the trip out there and meet some of my favorite webcomic creators!


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