After a flawed early season one, it’s safe to say that Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD has been a very different show and just as it’s about to go on the mid-season break (with Agent Carter just around the corner), it’s great to see just how good this show has become. Everything is excellent now, and with a reduced part for Skye they’ve even limited their exposure to the most annoying character on the show. They’ve made Grant Ward, the most boring character on the show one of the most interesting ones and have included plenty of diversity in the cast so far, making it great to watch. This is what Agents of SHIELD should have been like from the start, and the serialized structure continues here with Ward, having freed himself at the end of last episode, being hunted, and Coulson further investigating the mysterious Writing on the Wall.

This is how Hunter goes undercover...
This is how Hunter goes undercover…

First off, let’s talk about the major gamechanger revealed in this episode. The map discovered by Coulson is revealed as a city, and one of the most likely options of this is probably Attilan, home of the Inhumans. This would make sense given that it’s been stated that you should expect the Inhumans earlier than their movie debut, and unless you see them cropping up in other movies, then Agents of SHIELD is probably their best bet. There’s plenty of potential there for them to introduce Inhumans onto the show, and give them plenty of material to continue to deal with in future episodes. So if this does indeed turn out to be Attilan, then things could get very promising indeed.

As it turns out, Coulson did not deliberately let Ward escape. However, that doesn’t mean that SHIELD can’t be quickly onto the scene and Hunter and Mockingbird are called in quickly to deal with him. However, the cat-and-mouse game that they’re playing with Ward doesn’t quite go as easy as planned, and with some great scenes this kept this part of the episode pretty entertaining.

The other section of the episode furthered the overall storyline with the discovery that the fact that the map is a map of a city. The revelation was handled well, and gave Coulson plenty to do with some great action sequences to keep the audience entertained. It was a perfect example of how serialization has improved the series, and it’s great to see that since its start we’ve had virtually no filler episodes, which is a great relief, as you could probably skip half of the first season and still understand what’s going on. Here, it’s a lot denser, more tightly packed and all the more engaging to watch.

The villain of this week’s episode was Sebastian Derek (Brian Volt Holt), whose character was handled pretty well with him being a more than intimidating threat for the team to face. He fit in well with the plot and got the development that he needed.

It’s safe to say then, that this was another pretty awesome episode of Agents of SHIELD that really impressed. It’s great fun to see that the series is continuing to entertain and deliver, and with the reveal of the city it could potentially be a major gamechanger for not just SHIELD, but the entirety of the MCU, meaning that for the first time, we could get to see the show impact the movies than the other way around. Regardless though, I can’t wait. The next episode should be a blast.

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