By Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos

After a mediocre start to the Amazing relaunch, the future of the series was a tad worrying. The following week, Slott knocked it out of the park with the incredible #1.1 issue. That is a different story, of course, but it still filled us with hope. Issue 2 continues this shocking trend of actually writing Spider-Man well.

Instead of dealing with numerous plot threads at once, Slott focuses on one or two, while sort of micromanaging the others. The result is a much smoother and enjoyable read. Every single panel with Peter and Anna Maria, which is the primary focus, is an absolute delight. This is easily the best Spidey relationship in years and now it’s finally being written and presented the way it deserves. When Peter pays a visit to the Avengers, it will bring a smile to your face. Take note: this is exactly how Spider-Man is supposed to act around other heroes.

Speaking of which, Parker has also found his voice. He actually sounds like Peter and the dialogue isn’t an unreadable mess that feels like the rough draft of an episode of Ben 10. If this is the future of the writing quality, we might be able to forgive the inclusion of the second spider-bite victim.

Humberto Ramos is now 2-for-2. This issue looks pretty darn great. He’s managed to take his cartoony vibe and make it work in his favor. By embracing his style, the level of detail has truly come out. Almost every panel is much crisper and cleaner than his past work, which makes up for any silly character depictions.

That’s two Spidey books in a row that have truly impressed. Slott’s Silver Surfer series is awesome too, so maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful trend. If not, whatever. Let’s just take it an issue at a time and enjoy the great Spider-Man issues while we can.


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