By Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness

The quest for Nightcrawler continues with issue 3 of Amazing X-Men. We finally get to see Nightcrawler go to town on some dead pirates. Since we haven’t got much of Nightcrawler since this story started, despite the concept of the story, it was nice we got so much of him in this issue.

Jason Aaron has managed to split his entire team in only three issues. The positive is that all the story-lines are interesting so far but the downside is that we don’t get to see many of the characters in an individual episode.

That being said, many people reading this are probably excited for the return of Nightcrawler, there is plenty of him in this issue. Aaron also manages to bring in some nice moments between Nightcrawler and Storm mixed in with the sword-play.

Ed McGuinness kills it on this issue. Nightcrawler’s first appearance in this issue is worthy of being up on a wall. The action comes frequently in this issue, between the fast paced sword fights with Nightcrawler and Storm, the high flying battle between Beast and Azazel, this issue is a lot of fun to look at.

Although we don’t get to check in with the entire team this issue, there is plenty to enjoy within the pages. We get the most Nightcrawler time since this series began and the fight scenes, thanks to McGuinness, are quite a spectacle. Nightcrawler’s return is shaping up to be quite the tale, be sure to catch it.


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