By Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness

After a couple issues of meandering, Amazing X-Men #4 finally brings the team back together. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness are nearing the completion of their Quest for Nightcrawler storyline, and now that everyone is back together it feels like the story is really heading somewhere.

The best part of this series as a whole has been the different character’s flashbacks revolving around Nightcrawler. Aaron has a very clear idea of how each one of these character’s relationship with Nightcrawler works. Beast and Wolverine both have a flashback in this issue and both will leave a smile on your face.

McGuinness’s art is a huge boon to the series. The action scenes are loaded with spectacular panels and his facial expressions all brim with life. He also knocks a pair of single page spreads out of the park, one of Wolverine and Nightcrawler and the other showing Firestar’s power.

Amazing X-Men #4 finally picks up the pace of the story. One might wonder if the Quest for Nightcrawler storyline needed to be 5 issues, especially when the previous couple felt like they were there to drag out the story, but with this issue the team is back together and the stage has finally been set for a final battle with Azazel.


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