By Victor Gischler, Will Conrad & Michelle Madson

Angel & Faith’s seventh issue of its tenth season continues the Lost and Found arc that began in issue six, with Faith and Angel’s respective arcs both building momentum. This month, it seems that Faith’s jungle based vampire slaying storyline seemed to be more entertaining than Angel’s thread, but overall it was a fairly balanced issue that delivered pretty strongly, proving once again that Victor Gischler is the right writer for the series.

Let’s get Angel’s section out of the way first. Unfortunately, the character doesn’t quite seem as interesting or as compelling as Faith and he isn’t quite as interesting as his secondary cast either with Amy being a fresh, welcome and unpredictable addition to the series. There wasn’t particularly anything especially memorable that came from his part this week (although that doesn’t automatically make it bad, as it was still a relatively solid read), as this reviewer personally was more invested and entertained by Faith’s arc, which was a lot more gripping. If this trend continues, then Faith could become the more dominant player in this series, and she is one of this reviewer’s favourite characters from the original Buffy series.

It’s good to see Faith growing as a character as well. Now adopting the role of a leader, it’s proof that there is still room for her to grow as a character and Gischler is keeping her engaging and interesting. It helped that she was in a setting a bit out of the way of what we’re normally used to in the Buffyverse, and as a result we got that additional fresh feel to the book which prevented it from feeling like a repeat of what’s come before, which is something that can sometimes happen at this stage in a long-running series (even if it’s not technically a TV show anymore).

The artwork by Will Conrad is great, with his pencils really getting Faith and Angel well. They continue to look like their TV counterparts and when you add Michelle Madson’s excellent colours, the book looks great. The creative talent is consistent and awesome, and this reviewer is looking forward to seeing what they’ll bring to the table for the rest of the season.

In conclusion then, Angel & Faith Season 10 #7 is another solid entry in the series. Whilst Angel’s storyline isn’t quite as gripping as Faith’s, it still remains largely consistent in terms of quality and it’ll be interesting to see where this season takes us going forward.angel&faith7cvrA

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