By Jeff Lemire & Rafael Albuquerque

The final arc of Animal Man‘s ongoing series begins with issue #27 and has a pretty action-packed start. Jeff Lemire and Rafael Albuquerque finally bring Buddy back to the Red for one final showdown against the last Totem and Brother Blood.

A lot of this issue is a battle, whether it be between Buddy and the Totem, or Brother Blood and his soldiers against Maxine and the last survivors of the Red, but Lemire has never treated this book as an all Buddy all the time book. Amid all the action, the scenes with Ellen are what steal the show this issue, but that’s not something new for this series.

Albuquerque brings his trademark gritty, violent touch to these pages to great effect. Animal Man’s new look thanks to the Bridgewalker is drawn in a horrific, powerful style thanks to Albuquerque. All of the fight scenes are powerful and brutal, not to mention that last scene or how much those images sting.

Animal Man is nearing the end of the series and, if issue #27 is an indication, it is building toward a bang. This issue feels like the beginning of the end in the best sense and it shouldn’t be missed.


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