By Matt Hawkins & Stjepan Sejic

Well, the time has come, and Aphrodite IX has wound down to a close. While the character(s) will continue in a new series, this one ended too soon for the mountain of potential still left to mine. Regardless, issue #11 was a terrific final installment that was filled with action and excitement, unexpected turns, satisfactory closure on the current story, and a lot of great things to get readers excited for the new series.

Matt Hawkins delivered one of the best Aphrodite IX books with issue #11. The interactions between the IXs are getting more interesting now, which bodes quite well for their upcoming title. There was also a lot more insight provided into the story background than anticipated. Not only did we get some intriguing information about Aphrodite herself, but the origin and purpose of the Cyborgs and the Gen were revealed and wholly unexpected! There were also a lot of very strong, overt tie-ins to the original Aphrodite IX series, which was a great treat for long-time fans and solidified the continuing importance of those early stories. Of course, a lot of the issue was consumed by the final conflict between the two warring transhuman factions, which was very well-executed and exciting, and also had a wild conclusion. This final installment ended on a particularly satisfying note and will leave readers anxious for the next title.

As always, Stjepan Sejic is a phenomenon unto himself. The visuals throughout this issue were incredibly detailed and often shockingly realistic. Every design throughout the book was very interesting and creative, from the fantastic environments and characters, to the technology and strange creatures that pervade Aphrodite’s world. The paneling always keeps things interesting and typically enhances the overall flow of the book. The colors in issue #11 were also particularly deep and vibrant, and added a ton to the realism.

The final installment in the solo Aphrodite IX series has to be read to be believed. For anyone who might’ve been skeptical about the upcoming title, this will surely change your mind quickly. It was a tidy wrap-up that could have received a greater build-up, but fans will hardly be able to complain once they’ve read the wonderful new story developments to be found here. There may have been a panel or two that felt a bit rushed or incomplete, but as a whole, the visuals in this book stand above almost anything else found in the medium, providing some of the best illustrated and colored images around. This was a perfectly satisfying end that really sets up some interesting plot points to tackle in the future.


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