By Jeff Parker & Paul Pelletier

Jeff Parker’s second issue is a monster-bashing good time that manages to build on small pieces started in the first issue. The bulk of the issue is Aquaman squaring off against the Karaqan, and Parker and artist Paul Pelletier truly deliver.

While most of the story revolves around the monster fight, Parker does continue to seed bits of intrigue here and there throughout the issue. Chief among them is the book’s opening page which again shows a mysterious man who is searching Amnesty Bay, looking for Aquaman. Between that, Aquaman’s battle, and more information about the Triton base, Parker packs the issue full of content that keeps the reader hooked.

Pelletier truly shines during the Karaqan battle. The fight feels epic and huge, and he really nailed the scope of the fight. Seeing a speck that is supposed to be Aquaman hanging from the Karaqan by his trident really puts the reader in the moment.

It’s nice to see that this issue hasn’t lost any steam since Geoff Johns’ departure. Parker has quickly established that he will be adding just as much to the Aquaman mythos as Johns did, and with Pelletier at his side it’s going to look damn fine.


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