After much anticipation, Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 is finally out and let me tell you it does disappoint!

The story

screenshot-by-nimbus Joe Harris does a fantastic job with Bloodshot in this issue. He does not come off as just another crazed mercenary, but actually shows a great deal of depth and intelligence which I appreciated. His powers are put to some great uses in this issue as well. The scene where Bloodshot accesses M.E.R.O.’s main computer systems to improve their security against the Armor Hunter hounds is not only humorous, but a great indicator of Bloodshot’s character. It’s almost as if we should believe that he is there purely of his own accord, and makes me wonder if he may have some ulterior motives for helping Livewire and the Unity team.

screenshot-by-nimbus (2) The dialogue is great, and I loved seeing more of Malgam, who is featured quite prominently in this issue. If we get to see Malgam and Bloodshot team up throughout this series, I’m sure there will be many happy Valiant fans.

There is plenty here to satisfy Bloodshot fans, without overwhelming new readers with any back story. In fact, there may be too little back story. My one complaint with this issue is that unlike the rest of the tie-in books which are fairly self contained, Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 assumes that you’ve been reading the rest of the event to understand what’s going on. This may only be an issue of timing though, since we’ve already had several other books telling us the story of the Armor Hunter invasion.

The art

Trevor Hairsine does a great job on pencils. His line work is a little more erratic than some of the other Valiant artists, but it doesn’t take away from the book in any way. In fact, Hairsine truly shines in the action panels, and his pencils almost make those scenes come alive. His depiction of Bloodshot is more stylized than I’m used to but I had no qualms with it. His character design for Malgam is truly incredible though and makes the character appear strong and much more powerful.

David Baron on colors really compliments Hairsine’s art well. This book has much more muted colors than most of the other series, but is perfect. The use of yellows through the flashback scenes really works well in setting that story apart from the rest of the story and I always appreciate being able to differentiate the two.

screenshot-by-nimbus (1)


This first issue sets the pace for what is sure to be another excellent miniseries from Valiant. I’ve been slightly disappointed by how little we’ve seen of Bloodshot (and Livewire, but that’s for another day) during the Armor Hunters tie-in books, so it was great seeing him action. Joe Harris, Trevor Hairsine, and David Baron do a terrific job here and I cannot wait to read the rest of the mini and jump back into a Bloodshot ongoing.

Armor Hunters has been an excellent event so far, and this latest chapter is one you don’t want to miss.

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