By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, R.M Guera & Guila Brusco

 “So let me get this straight. You just made a decision one day… ‘Oh, my twelve-year-old-boy daydream of a base isn’t rad enough. I have to get myself a dinosaur.” – Penny-Two

Penny-Two continues to work with Batman in place of her father as he tries to clean up the chaos overrunning Gotham City.

James Tynion IV takes on scripting this week and brings Batman up to speed on a few notes the readers have been attuned to for a while now. We’ve discovered Hush’s involvement in this mess and he’s recently become a big player in the scheme overtaking Gotham City. But what Batman didn’t know… is Bard’s stake. It’s the realization Batman has about Bard that is a driving force in this week’s issue.

Why do I bring this up? Because it leads me perfectly into the artwork piece of this issue. A three solid panel page with Batman going off the framework to whisk three batarangs through the air at Hush in Bard’s apartment is one of the highlights of this issues artwork. R.M Guera is the artist with Guila Brusco on colors. The panels are kept dark, lit only by moonlight from the windows. The background surrounding the panels is a light brown/tannish color. Guera depicts the attacking Batman as precise and working quickly on instincts. The image of Batman off the panel pops from the page as the batarangs make their way for the reader.

This week Tynion gave us some humor along with some big moments (drama!) to the ongoing story. He touched base mostly on the affairs regarding Batman and his allies, showing us that coming together and trusting one another is going to be an  important piece of the story. A brief recap on the state of Harper’s training also serves as a quick reminder to readers that she’ll be joining the bat-family soon enough.


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