By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Fernando Blanco, Marcelo Maiolo

“Only one more building to go, Batman. There’s nothing on the other side to catch your fall. This is your last chance to surrender.”

This week is a high adrenaline sprint through Gotham as Batman heads knowingly into a trap hoping to come face to face with his enemies – but has he thought it through all the way?

James Tynion IV takes over scripting this week on the story Scott Snyder and he wrote. This week we’re given more insight into what’s really driving Commissioner Bard’s attack on Batman and also just how far his corruption has spread – Bruce’s allies are dwindling! Tynion keeps a serious tone throughout and keeps the drama pumping from beginning to end – and the entire scene with the car is just pure awesome!

Artwork this issue is done masterfully by both Fernando Blanco and colorist Marcelo Maiolo. A two page spread creates probably the best scene so far in this series. This scene relates to what’s seen on the cover – see it?  – Batman is being sent from building to building while in the Batmobile and this epic scene by Blanco and Maiolo features the Batmobile entering into one side of the building before we’re taken into the panels, the panels showing us what’s happening during his time in the building before reaching the other side, the last panel even showing us a view of the outside from the perspective of behind the Batmobile – and then on the edge of the right-side page we see the Batmobile exiting the building…and flying through the air…but for how long? The colors on this scene are excellent as well, as Maiolo depicts the outside aspects, the far left and far right sides of the scene, as a yellowish colors, and shows the inside of the building, the middle of the pages, as a dark blue – the only light coming from the jets on the back of the Batmobile.

Batman Eternal #35 keeps Batman on the edge of his seat just as much as the readers!


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