By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, Fernando Blanco, Marcelo Maiolo

“Smart girlfriend.” –Batman

“It’s not working out.” – Bard

“Like I said.” – Batman

Batman lays the verbal (as well as the physical) smackdown in this week’s issue of Batman Eternal #36. Even though Hush seems like he’s in a powerless position…what’s pushing Bard to keep acting the way he has been? That’s something this issue sets out to clarify and explore a bit more as we dive into Bard’s dark past.

This week James Tynion IV takes scripting duty for the story written by Scott Snyder and himself. Tynion always seems to bring a great deal of action when his time for scripting comes along, and this issue holds true to that. A big piece of this week’s action takes place right where last week ended – the Batmobile is headed down to the streets of Gotham after bursting through the windows of a skyscraper…with Batman trapped inside! If only he was the type of hero to think of a million different ways out of any situation…oh wait.

On the artwork side of this issue is Fernando Blanco along with colorist Marcelo Maiolo. A really cool scene features a couple of pages of the reemergence of Harper and Red Robin. Been wondering what these two have been up to? Harper wants in on the action this time, but is she truly ready? Apparently it’s not up to her, but rather Red Robin as Blanco portrays his scowl as she tries to plead her case to be able to go with him in assisting Batman. Maiolo keeps this whole scene in a dark glow – the glow being brought on by few lights and the hologram Red Robin is watching of the Batmobile flying through the air – need to get me one of those.

This week we’re given a bit more of Bard’s background and what’s been truly driving him to make war upon Batman. We’re also shown how much Batman hasn’t figured out yet – you’re not even close! But who’s this at the issue’s end? Perhaps someone else will figure it all out first…


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