By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, Tim Seeley, Emanuel Simeoni

The cover art by Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson says it all, and Penguin isn’t going to be happy about the outcome to this issue. Tim Seeley scripts out this issue of Batman Eternal with consulting from Ray Fawkes and John Layman from the story by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV as we’re flung back into the gang war emerging between Falcone and Penguin.

Each issue of this series has seen Batman fighting alongside a familiar ally that fits to the overall story-line to each particular issue. Who better to help Batman during gang violence? Yup, Catwoman makes her return to help the Dark Knight as Gotham is in the early stages of a war that could potentially ruin all Penguin claims to have changed for the better.

Along with heroes this series has also focused on the wide range of rogues to Batman’s popular gallery. Pyg is still much a part of the ever expanding story and there is much to be learned about him and his role within this issue.

Tim Seeley does well to deliver the Batman this series has been evoking. There is much going on as every nook of the Batman universe seems to be getting its due. He sticks with the half-witted Pyg going about his “master plans”, and shows us who’s really pulling the strings. He also brings Catwoman back into the mix and showcases her wiles; unfortunately for her some have become immune to her charms, as she continues to show her eagerness to aid the Dark Knight.

Emanuel Simeoni comes in as the artist and does well to Batman’s grizzled features. His work truly stands out when it comes to the almost sketched appearance of Penguin, showcasing him as possibly the most detailed character of the issue. Blond does well on the color aspect, presenting both Penguin and Falcone in similarly blue lighted areas as we see them despising one another throughout the issue. The two page spread after the events showcased on the cover show the talent of the colorist as waves crash from one panel to the next, followed by Batman’s confrontation with Pyg, showcasing a great dynamic to the waves with a more red,  almost demonic looking, atmosphere serving as Pyg’s playground.

All around this issue successfully serves to push this series in the right direction. Another great look into Batman’s gallery of villains and allies as well as reminders to key plot points made in earlier issues.

“The pig goes…OINK!”

“The bat goes….?”



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