By Ray Fawkes, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs & John Kalisz

“You serious? You got me zig-zagging all over Gotham tonight, Penny-one. What’s going on?”

Another tale out of the Futures End storyline, this time we’re given an aging Batman and the newest young ward to put on the Robin uniform (a familiar face from Scott Snyder’s Zero Year).

Ray Fawkes is the writer for this story and he does a great job of depicting the Batman/Robin relationship in a familiar way. Robin knows he’s getting put on jobs unrelated to what Batman is up to in an attempt to “keep him busy” in a way, and he’s sick and tired of not being kept in the loop! But Batman always has his reasons, and don’t forget that he has a sweet side when it comes to keeping his friends safe from harm. Fawkes keeps the tensions between the two heroes running high as he gives both of them their own action to pursue. Batman is a bit, okay a lot, over his head and he refuses to let Robin help!

On the artistic side of this issue is Dustin Nguyen on pencils, Derek Fridolfs on inks, and colors done by John Kalisz. Nguyen does well to depict a brand new Robin and give him his own sense of style and identity. His take on Batman is cool to see too, as this is a much older Bruce Wayne, being kept alive during his fight scene due much to the fact that Alfred is carefully watching over his vitals on screen from the Batcave. The coolest scene in this issue would be a spoiler, but the opening page depicts the trio’s artwork just as well, so let’s go with that one. The first page features the new Robin calling into Penny-one letting him know his job has been completed. Fridolfs does some good ink work on the scene, though most of it kept in the light and needing finer details pinned out. Kalisz on colors shows us the similar color scheme of the new Robin’s outfit to his predecessors, but the overall style is changed dramatically from earlier iterations.

This issue goes to show us that no matter how old Bruce gets he’s never going to change. He’s determined to get the job done and keep his allies as safe as possible, even if it means risking his own well-being to do it. The new take on Robin is also a welcomed change, as he proves to be on par with Bats, and know his personality enough to know when it’s best to ignore him.


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