By Fred Van Lente, Freddie Williams II, & Jeremy Colwell

Telekinetic powers are a tricky thing to translate to the panels of a comic, as the appeal of the power is moving objects with your mind; a difficult power to illustrate in a motionless image. However, artist Freddie Williams II illustrates this comic beautifully and perfectly captures the look of telekinesis and telepathy. Brain Boy‘s story revolves around Alex Price, a telepath himself, as he is thrust into government-assigned situations that require his special set of abilities.

The Men From G.E.S.T.A.L.T. opens with a pretty intense action sequence at the White House. The art and colors of Williams and colorist, Jeremy Colwell, are presented beautifully as telekinesis is perfectly expressed throughout the art. The first issue of this mini-series is filled to capacity with dynamic panels and full pages that really showcase Williams’ art and placement of images. Colwell’s colors shine through during the action scenes, adding incredible detail to the fights, but it’s the close-ups of the characters and their faces during slow scenes where the colors excel.

While the art shines cover to cover, the story, by Fred Van Lente, has very few drawbacks as well. The story is paced nicely, and beginning the issue with a good action sequence adds to the overall quality of the book. Lente is successful in adding some comedic dialogue, even in the midst of the action, which creates an atmosphere for the reader that has a little bit of everything. Not only did Lente write some exciting scenes, but some of the best moments occur in the quite, more intimate scenes between two characters. The argument between Alex and Luisa deals with what it would be like to be in a relationship with a telepath, having little to no privacy, or possibly not being in full control of your decisions. It was a realistic take on an unrealistic ability that allows the reader to relate more to the situation.

The greatest part about this book is that the story could have afforded to have been worse than what it was with the combined art of Williams and Colwell as good as it is, pulling most of the weight. Fortunately for the readers, both the writing and the art were fantastic, culminating into one great issue.

Brain Boy‘s latest mini-series starts strong with a good story that has introduced exciting characters with visually striking powers. Williams and Colwell have done great to accentuate these visual aspects by providing appealing art to add to Lente’s already engaging plot. The Men From G.E.S.T.A.L.T. uses information from previous series as well as building on new ideas, creating an exciting story that should only get better as the series progresses. The book explodes into action with a great first issue full of excitement, intimate moments, and a lot of anticipation of what’s to come.



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