By Andrez Bergen

“This is how Heropa really got rolling…”

Who is Bullet Gal? What is this world we’ve been traversing? Those are some of the things brought up in Bullet Gal #7 by Andrez Bergen. From the get-go we’ve been following along the exploits of Mitzi and Lee – a couple different versions of Lee that is.

The art style in this series is something Bergen uses to create an even bigger story in issue #7 (won’t spoil it, but it’s awesome!). As you read you’ll notice the artwork consisting mostly of images run through various filters – why is the artwork like this? Read to find out! In the beginning of this series the real reason behind Mitzi’s and Lee’s encounter may not have been clear until now, however we did discover what kind of world we were in. This is a world based off superheroes. A world where you get to choose whatever ability you want as you enter – for example Lee has the ability to “clone” into a number of different versions of himself.

In this issue the artwork takes a bit of a spin compared to previous issues as the story also takes a major twist. There are some great pages packed with images during the “explanation” process. One of the pages features the mind behind Heropa going throughout his everyday life as we witness what makes him tick, as well as what his interests are – we also discover what’s been happening to the world outside Heropa (the story is taking place in Heropa).

The story of Bullet Gal busts wide open in issue #7 as we’re shown just how much time has gone into crafting the world of Heropa – and what it’s true intent really is.



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