By Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari

The third issue of The Bunker went off with a bang and helped cement the series as a guaranteed monthly read. Issue four maintains that exciting pace and quality set by the previous issues.

While the chaotic future looms over the series and its characters, the story of The Bunker at its heart is all about these friends and their relationship. Fialkov continues to deliver on that in issue four and produces incredible genuine conversations between these characters. An emotional verbal fight between two characters this issue might give any reader who has been in a relationship PTSD flashbacks. Fialkov gives the characters real reactions and has them make choices a character might actually make in real life.

From the begging The Bunker has expertly navigated giving each character the spotlight at the appropriate times. This issue focuses on the events of issue three from the perspective of Daniel and Natasha this time. Since the very first issue Bunker has moved at a blistering pace. The intensity of the first issue has yet to dull. Events continue to happen that move the characters closer to their destiny while others make attempts to fight it. The issue ends on the promise of an exciting confrontation readers have been waiting to see since the final page of issue one.

While Fialkov presents some of the most realistic personalities seen in a comic, Infurnari beautifully brings them to life. Characters look alive with emotion and actions. Big emotional moments in the issue are paid great detail and easily the best looking laid out pages of the issue. Infurnari limits backgrounds and colors at times to accentuate a characters situation perfectly.

The Bunker is a close to if not perfect a series currently in production. The story is grand while still remaining very focused. The characters are relatable and make choices real people would make. The art is stylistic with its very own tone and emotion. There is no question The Bunker is great, the only thing left to answer is how will it rank in the greatest comic stories when it’s finished.


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