Welcome to a new continuing series of articles, Character Spotlight! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing character profiles for each book in the Valiant stable as a way to introduce new readers to the characters. This week, we’ll be highlighting characters from the hilarious, action-packed buddy team, Archer and Armstrong.

Mary-Maria Archer

marymaria Nicknames: Sister Superior
Age: 18(?)

Skills: Highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, specifically able “To put two fingers through a quarter-inch of solid concrete” (Archer & Armstrong #24).

Background: Born into poverty in Brazil, Mary-Maria grew up in a household fraught with despair. Her father owed massive sums of money to a local crime lord, and was eventually forced to sell Mary-Maria’s younger sisters to help stave off the loan sharks. Mary-Maria was later adopted by the Archer couple and sent to America to be trained as another soldier in their child army. She displayed high aptitude for combat from a young age, and quickly became one of their most prized assets. Eventually, Mary-Maria joined the Sisters of Perpetual Darkness, rising through the ranks at a rapid rate to become their Sister Superior.

A huge thanks to Brett Simon for providing this character profile. Brett writes for Moar Powah! and co-hosts the Renegades: Talking Valiant podcast. Follow him on Twitter, @simonsezstuff.

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