By David Hahn

“You’ve been chosen…chosen to live.”

David Hahn brings us into a world seized by a deadly virus in the debut of Dayglow. The story’s protagonist is Javier, a regular guy given the chance to live on as the rest of the world faces the virus.

Only a select few are chosen for project “Dayglow” and Javier is unknowingly given the chance – which leads him to wonder why he’s there/what he can possibly offer to benefit the cause. In the world ravaged by the virus however he wasn’t leaving behind anything, you know, besides his mom. But if you’re given the chance at something seeming like destiny…you kind of just have to go with it.

The artwork in the issue shows a lot of play with textures – especially in regard to the backgrounds. The characters are for the most part all square jawed and not always finely detailed. The artwork does however serve well to the style, and is a good contrast to the choice is background texture. A scene featuring the art well shows an explosion happening on the side of a building, people are in panic as the realistic looking blast takes over most of the panel, the two art styles forces to blur together in the chaos of the scene.

This story kicks off throwing you right into the situation. The world is in need of a solution and project “Dayglow” might be humanities last hope.


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