By David Hahn

“Catastrophic failure of the waking cycle, for certain. God knows how long we were in stasis.”
“Or someone pressed the snooze button too many times.”

Dayglow #2 brings us into the world set at least 100 years into the future from issue 1. Something went wrong with stasis and the marines and civilians were kept asleep far too long. The world has changed, but luckily for us Javier wit is still around.

This issue has the marines going on a patrol, and through their experiences – and Javier’s – we see some of the horrors that have had time to culminate over the years. The city is overrun by plant-life and creatures from folklore.

The art style in this issue is consistent with issue #1. There are photograph-like watercolor backgrounds and the characters stand out from the page. Javier is even given some camouflage pants to go along with his shirt and tie. A page spread as they all head out on boats – driving them through the swampy streets – shows a lot of Hahn’s artwork at play. The streetlights are broken now, everything covered in moss, you can see buildings still standing in the distance. The marines are all looking around, amazed by what the world’s become. Javier however looks like he’s just woken up on a work day and needs a coffee – which is a fitting look for his attire.

David Hahn shows us a world filled with nature, but also a lot of danger. He’s assembled a funny cast to adventure alongside Javier as they explore the “virus-free” landscape in hopes of someday being able to repopulate the human race.


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