By Rick Remender, Wes Craig & Lee Loughridge

Deadly Class is back in session this week and the story now jumps into 1988. Marcus is still slowly settling into the school while still dealing with a lot of fallout from the last arc. Unfortunately for Marcus, his troubles don’t just end there. Threats appear both inside and out of the school and Marcus doesn’t seem like he’s doing himself any favors either.

Deadly Class has already been proven to be Rick Remender’s most personal story he’s ever told. Because of that it has given Deadly Class a very honest tone. Even though Deadly Class comes from a personal space, many of the elements Marcus deals with mirror similar situations most of us have been through. It would seem that dating at a school for assassins isn’t that different from a regular high school, just more blood.

Compared to previous issues of Deadly Class, this one seemed a little more subdued. It’s not bad in anyway, we might just be spoiled after the previous psychedelic acid issues. Wes Craig’s still has that amazing grimy style that has really embodied Deadly Class and captures that late 80’s feel. That throwback tone is also because of Lee Loughridge’s colors which really cast a dark mood over every page. This book has such an excellent art team for this type of story; it’s hard to imagine this series looking any other way.

Feels good to read a new issue of Deadly Class, right before the withdrawals started kicking in. The thing that is really great about this series is how it’s a teen slice-of-life drama wrapped in a cloak of murder and debauchery. Deadly Class is uniquely able to feel both relatable and far-fetched at once and makes for a genuinely exhilarating read.

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