By Peter David, Scott Koblish and Val Staples

“All I need is a major publisher and a million buck advance and I’m good to go!”

…sigh…if only it were so easy.

How do you take something that’s been around forever and make it new? Add Deadpool! (He makes things fun)

In Deadpool’s Art of War #1 writer Peter David is telling the tale of how Deadpool plans to make money from the scrolls containing “The Art of War”. He keeps with Deadpool’s unique personality and even brings a few fourth-wall breaking moments that add some more hilarity to the story. When faced with the notion of making money if he can breathe new life into an old story Deadpool decides starting a real war will help him sell his idea. But who could he trick into starting a war?

The artwork in this issue is done by Scot Koblish (artist) and Val Staples (colorist). Koblish does a very detailed approach on this story, playing also with a lot of textures and facial expressions. When Deadpool meets with the publisher to try and sell his take on the story and is denied he makes the mistake of pulling out his sword – well, probably not the best idea, because an arsenal of weaponry appears behind the publisher and makes sure to teach Deadpool a lesson. A lot of the panels within this scene feature both Koblish and Staples talents well. A large top panel featuring the sound effects “Budda” Budda” “Budda” shows Deadpool thrown backward by the sudden rush of ammunition being shot off at him. The publisher’s face is coy as she simply presses a button to dispatch the Merc. Staples has the blasts from the guns coming off as a pale yellow, and the wall behind them a pale orange – Deadpool stands out the most in this panel even as his costume is colored a pale red – creating a well-balanced scene in terms of the color choices. A close-up of Deadpool on the next page shows this pale/grainy approach to the artwork very well. (The art in this issue is fantastic!)

Peter David along with artists Scott Koblish and Val Staples kick off this Deadpool story with laughs and plenty of action. Deadpool needs to cause some serious trouble to make sure he gets his story right – but will he go too far? …ehh…we hope so!


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