By Marc Silvestri, Sumeyye Kesign and Jasen Smith

Image Comics Free Comic Book Day offering Rise of the Magi is a good reason to head out to your local shop today.  A call to adventure, a mystery, an all powerful artifact and the fate of the world depend on a young carpet repair apprentice. The appeal of Rise of Magi is the adventure offered to people who want to believe that they just might be the chosen for a great adventure beyond their everyday lives.

The preview introduces Asa, a young man who has a case of sibling rivalry and wants more to life than being a repair man. Readers are given a small peak of the fantastic world Asa occupies. In this series, the natural world packs some magical punch, thanks to the creative story telling of Marc Silvestri. Silvestri shows readers a glimpse at a fun and endearing coming of age fantasy book. Silvestri crafts an excellent tale that is suitable for young adult readers, without pandering specifically to that audience. This appears to be a title that is accessible for any age. The preview sets the tone and plot of the series which makes it a book worthy of tracking down today. Rise of the Magi is perfect for anyone looking for some fun adventure fantasy to bring diversity to their comic selections this Saturday.

Sumeyye Kesgin animates the pages with clean detailed art. Kesgin artwork compliments Silvestri’s tale illustrating even the ordinary of objects in a slightly whimsical way. Jasen Smith’s colors accentuate Kesign’s pencil and ink. The duo’s artwork has a  subtle cartoon like quality that gives it a fantastical edge. If the sketch pages are of any indication then this will be a book of world building and developed characters. The character design conception pages are fun and the environment concept art is beautiful.

The tale is familiar but under the guidance of  Marc Silvestri and Sumeyye Kesgin the familiar fantasy troupe has a chance to evolve into a unique reading experience. Rise of the Magi is excellent offering for this year’s Free Comic Book Day.


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