By Chris Roberson, Patric Reynolds and Dave Stewart

As part of the Fire and Stone line from Dark Horse, and tied together with Prometheus, Aliens: Fire and Stone starts off hard and fast. Writer Chris Roberson has no time, seeing as this is only supposed to be a four-issue series, for some of your typical Alien subtly and in this medium it works. Without the use of build up music, let’s just get right to what everybody wants to see: Aliens viciously killing humans, amiright?

Okay, maybe that’s not what everybody is here for, but Roberson delivers nonetheless. He introduces us to a handful of characters that, admittedly, seem fairly forgettable which isn’t a knock on Roberson, it’s more of a nod to the entire Alien franchise where, if you’re smart, you really don’t want to get attached to anybody for too long. Plus, this is only the first issue so the character building will come.

The art from Patric Reynolds, which might draw comparisons to Gabriel Hardman or maybe even Garry Brown, works really well for an Aliens book; heavy blacks and generally dark and gloomy set a rather hopeless situation kind of mood. Pair that with the subtle, yet masterful, colors of the Master, also known as Dave Stewart, and you’ve got yourself some fantastic artwork between the two covers from two very talented creators.

If you like the Aliens franchise, chances are good you’re going to like this book. It’s pretty much what you could expect and hope for—except maybe actually seeing the drool drip from their mouths as they sneak up behind their next victim. Roberson has dropped his cast in a jungle and maybe that’s a sign of things to come. Check this book, and the other Fire and Stone books out. Great creators and a great universe, how can you go wrong?

25877, Fire

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